Lemon Cupcake martini

A yummy sweet pick-me-up!


30 ml of Koakoa limoncello
30 ml of Smirnoff Cake Flavored Vodka (or make your own using The Bond Store Kapiti Coast Vodka!)
Club Soda to top off
For garnish: vanilla frosting or corn syrup and sprinkles (or, as we like to call them, fairy poos! :)
A few pieces of ice for mixing
A slice of fresh lemon (optional)

Grab your best martini glass and dip it upside down in frosting or corn syrup and cover with fairy poos. Place the vodka and Koakoa Lemoncello in a martini shaker with ice and shake. Then, strain into your already prepared martini glass and top off with Club Soda.  

Serves one
Original recipe from Crazyforcrust.com

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