Orange and Lemon Local Gold Key to Koakoa’s Award-Winning Success

Orange and Lemon Local Gold Key to Koakoa’s Award-Winning Success

New Zealand, 24 September 2020 - Koakoa’s Award-winning Limoncello and Orangecello liqueurs are being used in everything from sausages to fudge, as it continues its award-winning 2020.

Koakoa’s Orangecello won Bronze in the 2020 New Zealand Spirit Awards and Highly Commended in the 2020 NZ Artisan Awards. It was the first time their Orangecello has been entered into a competition. Koakoa is also a finalist in the 2020 Wellington Gold Awards, Emerging Gold - Products Category.


Chris Barber, Owner of Koakoa, says their Orangecello’s intense orange flavour comes from the Gisborne Oranges they use to make it.  He believes changing tastes and the growing demand from Kiwis for cocktails is behind the recent rise in popularity for its Orangecello.

 “As a country, we’ve moved from beer to Chardonnay, Sav Blanc, to craft beer, spirits and now to cocktails. The great thing about orange-based spirits is they’re so flexible, and they’re the key ingredient in so many go-to drinks like margaritas. When you add in the taste and quality that comes from our Gisborne oranges, we think we’ve created something that not only meets demand but elevates the finished product,” says Chris Barber.


Not just for cocktails, Preston’s Master Butchers has used Koakoa’s Limoncello to craft a Chicken and Limoncello Sausage for the 2020 Sausage Awards. Greytown’s Laughing Owl Fudge has also used it to create a lemon-based fudge. The Limoncello will also feature in a range of Wellington on a Plate events. Chris Barber says the citrus base of their liqueurs lends them to a range of products.


“Our Limoncello has a unique citrus taste - or a punch as we like to call it - that can be used in pretty much anything, like sausages or fudge. There’s science behind its versatility too - the small size of the oil droplets in the product means it retains its taste when used in food. Lemons go with everything!” says Chris Barber.

With a growing focus on being more than just a spirit company, Koakoa says part of their ethos is to understand what their customers need and create products to meet this need. They also want to add value to the Kiwi growers who produce the citrus in their award-winning liqueurs. 

“We’ve got some exciting collaborations on the horizon - and each uses quality, locally-sourced ingredients.  Despite the challenges of 2020, we’ve been fortunate to have our craft recognised by our peers and the industry, and to work with great people along the way,” says Chris Barber.

The Wellington Gold Awards will be held on 22 October, at Wellington’s TSB Arena. In being named a finalist, Koakoa has been recognised as brewing some of the capital’s most popular liqueurs and spirits.

About Koakoa & The Bond Store

Chris Barber and Bec Kay purchased Koakoa Limoncello in 2017, and since then have grown the business to offer The Bond Store Kawakawa Gin and Vodka. Focused on sustainable practices in their craft, they use lemons from Gisborne to make their award-winning Limoncello, and Kawakawa from the Wairarapa to make their award-winning gin. Available at selected bottle stores, you can also purchase their products online at 

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