Our Story

Bec Kay and Chris Barber handcraft Koakoa Limoncello and The Bond Store Gin and Vodka on the Kāpiti Coast, NZ.

Chris Barber and Bec Kay quit their jobs a couple of years ago bought the Koast Limoncello company in Kāpiti.  Since then they have grown the business to offer some of the most popular liqueurs and spirits in the Wellington Region. 

Early in 2018 they changed the name of the business to Koakoa – te reo Māori for happiness. This went contrary to all the competing limoncello brands that tended to have an Italian name.  It was a courageous step to rebrand the business to something as kiwi as Koakoa – however Chris and Bec have kept to their values from day one and had no hesitation of showcasing those values through the brand.  Their values are very simple. Use premium New Zealand ingredients, respect the environment, aim to win, and be proud of the way you do business.

In the process of knocking on the doors of local bottle stores and bars, looking for new customers for their liqueurs, one subject kept coming up: how popular gin and vodka is.

After a few discussions and reading a few books and experimenting with a couple of home brew kits, they created The Bond Store, their gin and vodka brand.

They were determined to do something unique. They decided to call the gin The Bond Store because the taxation on alcohol sales used to operate in a bond accredited system, where the seller’s store was registered or bonded to the government.

Keeping to their values, they flavour their gin with Kawakawa sourced from a rural property in the Wairarapa they bought when they first returned from their OE in 2002. They knew, however that their gin would need to be special!

The result was a range of 4 award-winning premium Koakoa liqueurs, and two sprits – The Bond Store Kāpiti Coast Vodka, and The Bond Store Kawakawa Gin

  • Chris: chris@thebondstore.co.nz.
  • Bec: bec@thebondstore.co.nz